Concierge Service

Concierge Depending on the hotel rating and services provided, if the Hotel offers a Concierge service, use them! They are a great FREE resource for finding things to do. Don't be afraid to talk to them before you arrive at the hotel. Let them know you are planning on checking in or booking a room and they will be happy to help you with such needs as: Getting a Car, make a reservation for some type of service, show or restaurant.

To a Concierge the information they provide needs to be trusted and true. A so-called Concierge creed: "Deliver whatever you promise the guest". To a Concierge, it is all about their reputation. For that reason they make it their business to learn the good, the bad, the ugly about various attractions and establishments. Here are some ways to make great use of a Concierge:

  • Touring the area: Depending on your visit to the area, tell them your likes and dislikes. If you know nothing about the surroundings let them know you want to take in all the tourist sites. If you aren't up for the tourist traps, ask them what are things the locals do and where do they like to go on a typical day off work.

  • Restaurants: There is tourist restaurants and really good local places to have a nice meal. No matter if it is breakfast, lunch or dinner, always ask where the concierge likes to eat. If it is a nice dinner you are looking for, ask the concierge where he/she would take a date or a significant other to impress them for a special mean.

  • Shows / Events: They have contacts and can get tickets to almost anything listed. They do not use ticketmaster but an agency, so expect to pay premium prices, but you will get in to see that show or event you have always wanted to see.

  • Discount Coupons: Always ask if they have any discount coupons provided by wineries, restaurants or local attractions. They are a great source for saving money. If in an area where there is a lot of competition for the tourist business, a Concierge may have stacks of free or 1/2 off coupons. This is typical in most wine regions around the United States.

  • Be good to them: And they will be great to you. If their recommendation turns into something lifetime memory or at least a memory you can't wait to share when you get home, reciprocate with a nice simple gift from that recommendation or even an inexpensive bottle of wine. They will appreciate it much more than currency. Don't be surprised for the remaining of the trip of they come across something good, they tell or give you first shot at it before all other guests.

So what's in it for them. Many local businesses and city chamber of commerce occasionally will have parties specifically for Concierges. They may get picked up in limousines, taken on a wine tasting tour, and enjoy food from several local restaurants. If they enjoy themselves, they will probably be recommending these places. It is rare that that a Concierge will receive monetary compensation for recommending an establishment. If a discount coupon is given out by a Concierge and it has their name on it, they may be getting compensation in some way by that business. Should you care? That's up to you, but in the end, you are getting a discount.

If their recommendation need meet your expectations, go back and let the concierge know (in a nice way). Besides helping them to find out what you like and don't like, it may help prevent them from recommending it to someone else with your similar taste and interest. Remember, to them it is all about their reputation in the industry. You also may be suprised if they have something special (passes or coupons) in their drawer they may be saving for times they make a bad recommendation.