B.B.'s Lawnside BBQ Sundae
United States, Missouri, Kansas City

Web: http://bbslawnsidebbq.com

BBQ Sundae From top to bottom, a unique three-layered sundae should satisfy any BBQ lover’s craving. Weighing in at 1 lb filled with 6.5 oz of Hickory smoked pit beans, 5 oz of coleslaw and 6 oz of pulled pork – served in a mason jar and topped off with sauce and a pickle spear. B.B.’s Lawnside BBQ is where BBQ meets the Blues in Kansas City.

For 20 years, B.B.’s has served slow-smoked meats (sausage, beef, chicken, pulled pork and ribs) from its 60+ year-old pit. B.B.’s menu includes signature Louisiana dishes like gumbo, jambalaya, red beans & rice and goulash. And, when you combine that with world-class blues entertainment, you get a unique Kansas City experience only found at B.B.’s Lawnside BBQ.

Don't forget to checkout B.B's full calendar line up of live music.

Contact Info - B.B.'s Lawnside BBQ Sundae
Web: http://bbslawnsidebbq.com
Address: 1205 E. 85th Street, Kansas City, Missouri, United States
Phone: 816.822.7427

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