Chili On Ristra
United States, New Mexico, Santa Fe / August

Chili On Ristra A ristra is an arrangement of drying chili pepper pods. Although their main purpose is to preserve chili's for later consumption, ristras are commonly used decoratively in chili-producing areas, especially New Mexico. In the months of August and September, New Mexico Chili can be found throughout New Mexico. The chili has a fantastic fresh taste that is full of flavor. These are seasonal items and are sought out by top restaurant chefs.

There are many tourist shops in old town Santa Fe that sell small ristra's but the chili's are often too dried out and some are infected. The best place to find Chili on ristra's is to ask a local where the farming trucks park and sell the chili. The are often on a street corner in a commercial area away from all the tourist. Some nurseries also sell the chili on ristra's.

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Address: Street Corners, Santa Fe, New Mexico, United States
Phone: 111-555-1212

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